Amorn Phuket Pearl: 50+ Years of Pearl Farming Experience


Pearl farming in Phuket, Thailand, involves cultivating oyster pearls in the island’s warm, clear waters. The process begins with local fishermen who dive into the ocean’s depths to collect pearl oysters and bring them to our farm, where they are carefully seeded, nurtured, and tended to in a controlled marine environment. 

Phuket’s climate and marine conditions are ideal for the growth of pearls with vibrant luster and color. Our pearl farmers are skilled artisans who combine traditional practices with modern techniques to enhance the quality and variety of the pearls harvested. 

With over 50 years of experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, Amorn Phuket Pearl is a leader in Phuket’s oyster pearl farming industry. With innovative modern pearl farming processes and our patented Rather Round Pearl, we set the standard for quality and beauty in pearls sought after by jewelers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Our Pearl Farming Process

At Amorn in Phuket, Thailand, pearl farming is done with meticulous care and expertise:


Skilled divers retrieve potential pearl-bearing oysters from the sea. 


At our Phuket pearl farm, the oysters are placed in recuperation areas to adapt to their new environment.


The process includes delicately inserting a nucleus into the oyster, which initiates the pearl formation process. Over time, the oyster secretes layers of nacre around the nucleus to form the pearl. This step must be performed with precision to ensure the highest-quality pearl.


After months of careful monitoring and nurturing, pearls are gently harvested and expertly graded.

Visit Amorn Phuket Pearl Farm & Factory

Take a closer look at our pearl farm and factory in Phuket. Have an immersive experience while an English-speaking guide gives you a tour of our on-site gallery. You’ll learn the intricacies of pearl cultivation, witness the skill and care involved, and observe firsthand how our pearls are made into exquisite jewelry.

Amorn Phuket Pearl Farm has garnered numerous awards and certifications for our dedication to producing pearls of great beauty and quality. From our treasured Pearl Crowns that have graced prestigious beauty pageants to accolades from the pearl and jewelry industry, our achievements reflect the passion and expertise that define our craft.

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