Amorn Phuket Pearl Farming Tour


Pearl farming is the art and science of cultivating pearls. We do this in the warm, clear waters surrounding the island of Phuket, Thailand. This practice involves carefully nurturing pearl oysters or mollusks in controlled marine environments. Phuket’s pearl farmers are skilled artisans who combine traditional wisdom with modern aquaculture techniques to enhance the quality and variety of the pearls harvested.

Established more than 50 years ago, Amorn Phuket Pearl Farm has perfected the art of pearl farming with a blend of tradition and innovation. As a leading pearl farm in Thailand, we produce exquisite pearls sought after by jewelers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts worldwide.

Amorn Phuket Pearl Farm offers a unique educational eco-tourism experience, giving visitors an intimate look into the processes of pearl farming.

Trip Overview

Travel on an iconic Thai long-tail boat to our floating pearl farm. As you tour Amorn Phuket Pearl’s facilities, you’ll learn all about our approach to pearl cultivation.

During our guided tour, you’ll learn about our Phuket pearl farm’s sustainable practices and visit our jewelry factory for a closer look into our production process. Finally, step into our showroom to view our elegant, intricately crafted Amorn Pearl Crowns that were designed for various beauty contests.

What to Expect

During this tour, you’ll learn about our pearl farm’s 50+-year history and legacy passed down through generations. You’ll also learn about the entire process, from nurturing oysters to harvesting pearls that meet our stringent standards for luster, shape, and color. You’ll get a glimpse into the art of pearl cultivation, offering insights into the meticulous care and innovative techniques that make our pearls exceptional.

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