Invest In Quality Pearls With Our Pearl Grading Guide

Pearls have held a place of prestige in the jewelry world for centuries. However, to appreciate their true value, it’s important to understand the pearl quality and grading systems. This will enable you to identify and acquire authentic pieces for your collection.

Each pearl possesses unique characteristics that determine its worth. Our pearl grading guide focuses on five important factors that define a pearl’s quality so that you can be confident in your purchase.

Understanding Pearl Quality

High-quality pearls are exceptionally durable, making them the perfect heirlooms to be passed down through generations. You can easily distinguish a high-quality pearl from its less lustrous counterparts by its brilliance. When you understand pearl grading and quality, you can easily avoid low-quality pearls that might not retain their value.

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Amorn Phuket Pearls in Thailand is dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality pearls the Andaman Sea has to offer. We meticulously evaluate each pearl against our stringent quality control measures to make sure you only receive pearls that meet the highest standards. Visit Phuket Pearls Shop.

Our Pearl Grading System

Unlike diamonds with a single universal grading system, pearls have no standardized approach. Knowing the factors that make a pearl high-quality can help you choose the best one. Explore the five key elements of our pearl grading system that we consider during our quality control process:

1. Luster

A classic method in the pearl grading system is to hold the pearl under a soft light source. Key indicators include the quality of its luster, brilliance, and sharpness of its reflection. We separate valuable pearls based on their exceptional luster. If the reflection is crisp and clear, without any blurriness, it signifies a pearl with outstanding luster.

2. Surface

Surface imperfections are natural in pearls, but the extent of blemishes present can significantly affect their value. Amorn Phuket Pearls has a stringent surface grading methodology. When using pearls in single settings, such as earrings, they usually need at least 70% of the surface to be clean. The standard is significantly higher for a necklace strand, where pearls must have at least 85% of their surface free of flaws. This careful selection highlights the pearl’s overall brilliance and guarantees a faultless appearance.

3. Shape

Pearls can be found in an amazing range of shapes, from round and perfect to baroque and irregular. Amorn Phuket Pearls recognizes the artistic quality of nature and the impact of shape on value. We assess a pearl’s roundness or symmetry using a sophisticated measurement method referencing standardized pearl templates. This guarantees consistent quality and lets you select pearls precisely to your liking, whether elegant round pearls or unique baroque designs.

4. Color

A pearl’s color can be attributed to a number of things, such as the kind of mollusk that produced it and its growth environment. The layer of substance that makes up the pearl, known as the nacre, has an interesting function. The layered structure of the nacre interacts with light, causing it to break up and produce a stunning combination of optical effects. Pearls with a beautiful “rainbow iridescence” are given priority by Amorn Phuket Pearls; this engaging color play gives the gem more depth and shine.

5. Size & Matching

Uniformity is important for overall aesthetics, especially in a pearl necklace. Amorn Phuket Pearls ensures a harmonious appearance by matching the color and size of each pearl in a string. An Amorn necklace has a maximum size variation of 0.3 mm between any two pearls, less than the industry standard tolerance of 0.5 mm. This attention to detail ensures each necklace is visually stunning and well-balanced.

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You will quickly be able to recognize high-quality pearls in Thailand with our essential pearl grading guide. Our items at Amorn Phuket Pearl go through a strict pearl grading system, guaranteeing that your pearls are a great investment.
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