AMORN by Phuket Pearl Group was proud to be appointed in designing and making the pearl crown for Miss World Singapore.

With our over 40 years of experience, we created a master piece with the high valuable pearls, selected according to the high quality control system. The masterpiece was designed under the concept of “Merlion” a mythical creature with the head of lion and the body of a fish, which is the national personification of Singapore.


AMORN by Phuket Pearl Group was proud to design and create the pearl crown for the Miss Thailand World.

The design was based on the concept “the Valuable Beauty, the Beauty to the ASEAN”. This crown featured a rice paddy: the symbol representing the nations of ASEAN. Each tip of paddy decorated with the total of 11 pearls; representing the 10 nations came together to form the ASEAN.

This crown precisely decorated with the precious “South Sea pearls” that carefully selected according the quality control among the total of 2,526 pearls.


Through a meticulous process, we “AMORN” has selected the best quality of pearls and masterfully crafted a magnificent pearl crown. This pearl crown inspired from the national flag of Switzerland.

This crown is a blend of the classic beauty of the East and the elegance of the West. We proudly present the one of “Pearl Crown” to the beautiful lady “Miss Switzerland World”


“Queen of the Seven Seas”

Begin with the idea of Andaman Sea and developed as the Seven Seas of the world.

“The Seven Seas” idea is represent as 7 tips of the crown. The scene of sea wave is shown in the form of shining blue gemstones and diamonds. Another crucial part that could not miss out is the gem that comes from under the sea, which is ‘pearl’.

The “Blue Ocean pearl” the outstanding pearl with dark blue and the gentle luster of light blue tone, which give it uniqueness.
These Blue Ocean pearls were strictly grading and decorated on the crown to create a remarkable piece as representative of the eternal beauty of the Seven Seas.


“The Soul of Golden Spirit”

“AMORN” brand is proud to present this master piece crown “The Soul of Golden Spirit” to Miss Myanmar World.

Under the ASEAN; we exchange the friendly neighbors with the resource and creativity through this beautiful crown.
The elegance of the “Burma Padauk” flowers relay the inspiration of this crown, the golden national flower of Myanmar represent the symbol of strength and durability.

Pass our feeling to neighbor through the rarest queen of the ocean “the Heart Pearl” that only limited during the Love Blossom season.


“Flora of the Andaman”

AMORN by Phuket Pearl is proudly present the pearl crown for Miss Thailand World 2015. The elegant structure inspired from the lotus flower; splendidly symbolized of the magnificence, delight and kindness, which expand the concept of “Beauty with a Purpose, Uplifting Society”.

The remarkable scene of lotus is perfectly blended with the beautiful queen of the ocean as known as “Pearls”.

The stunning “Blue Ocean Pearls” blink in the middle of the crown. Its distinctive bluish colour represents of the delight and kindness repeats the idea of lotus flower.


“The Immortality”

The immortality inspired from the beauties which pass their legend eternally throughout years of beauty contest. This year concept inspiration is blaze from the beauty which is eternal. The image of the beauty was craft with 30 hearts to celebrate 30 years history of Miss Thailand World.

The elegant pearl crown was craft from the Blue Ocean pearls which is the heart of the sea, exclusive by Phuket Pearl. The pearl as symbol of the immortal beauty and the crown is surrounded by diamonds and blue topazes.

The delicate detail of movement were composed throughout the crow to repeat the idea of continues beauty which will radiate for all eternity.


“The Elegant Peacock”

Once, the charm of cultural dance portrays on the magnificent pearl crown.

“Gingala Dance” (The peacock of paradise) is the show that passes down from the ancestor until today like the idea of the glamour of immortality.

The dance movement has relayed as the beautiful pattern along with the AMORN’s pearls on the crown. The pearl symbolise of immortality that fused together with the structure of the crown.

The stand out “Heart Pearls” delicately decorated in the middle of the crown represent of love and every detail surrounded with the various sizes of pearl. Beautifully present with diamonds along with the golden topazes to convey the golden land of Myanmar.


“Phoenix of Andaman”

Phoenix is a kind mythological bird which live eternally, symbolised the eternal beauty of a lady, spreading her wings flying above the sky to show of her glorious beauty.

The inspiration derived from Phuketian traditional costume, which consist the pattern of creature resemble of phoenix. This integrate together with the unique architecture of Phuket “the Sino-Portuguese”. The combination of both to give the real Phuket sensation design for Phuket people.

Decorated with the mysterious beauty pearl “Blue Ocean pearls” from our pearl farm. Surrounded with the Blue Topaz and diamond sparkling like the sea of Phuket island that is plenty and lead to the ideal pearl farming and harvest of beautiful pearls.


“The Melody of the Ocean”

We portray the love of the seascape and architecture represent in the richest detail on the carefully handcrafted of the pearl crowns. The inspiration derived from the natural rhythm of the sea wave, travelled across the ocean all the way to the iconic place of Australia.

The contrast between the organic wave structure fused together the geometric pattern of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge give the crown a harmony balanced to the design.

The mysterious beauties of the Blue Ocean pearls are placed on the design sparkling together with the blue gemstones represent the beauty of the sea wave that flowing all along the design, colliding into each other to create the beautiful melody.

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