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At Amorn Phuket Pearl in Thailand, we offer a carefully curated selection of high-quality real pearl necklaces. From traditional strands to contemporary designs, you will be delighted to find an extensive range of styles at our shop in Phuket. We offer a wide assortment of exquisite, premium pearl necklaces, including mix-color freshwater pearls, pink freshwater pearls, white Akoya pearls, and many more styles.

Explore Our Real Pearl Necklace Collection

Whether you’re looking for a classic piece for daily wear or a gorgeous statement piece, shop the right piece for your collection today.

Mix Color Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Add a playful touch to your outfits with this delightful real pearl necklace. Available for sale at our Phuket farm, it features a mix of colorful pink freshwater pearls. Each pearl is unique and displays a stunning range of soft hues that perfectly complement each other. Elevate your everyday wear or add a touch of sophistication to a special event – this necklace is a versatile choice for all occasions.

Pearl N Chain Necklace

Consider choosing our Pearl N Chain necklace for a more modern and contemporary look. It features a lustrous strand of pearls interlinked with a delicate chain – the chain adds an edgy touch, making it a perfect choice if you appreciate modern aesthetics.

White Akoya Pearl Necklace

Classic single-strand white pearl necklaces are timeless and never go out of style. Akoya pearls are famed for their perfectly round shape and exceptional luster. The simple design highlights the pearls’ natural beauty, making it perfect for those who appreciate understated luxury. You can shop for authentic single-strand Akoya pearl necklaces from our Phuket store.

White Pearl N Chain Choker

For a modern twist on a traditional pearl strand, consider choosing our White Pearl N Chain Choker. This choker-style pearl necklace’s shorter length sits comfortably around your collarbone. A delicate chain and glossy white pearls combine to create an eye-catching design that goes well with a range of necklines. This choker is ideal for giving your regular outfit a dash of contemporary flair.

A Legacy Since 1967

Amorn Phuket Pearl, established on a legacy that started in 1967, is the only pearl jewelry store with a farm in Phuket, and the oldest on the island. With humble beginnings from a small oyster farm, we have become a trusted brand in the pearl industry. Our artisans have been known for their innovation, devotion, and unrelenting commitment to excellence through the decades.

Visit our farm for a fun and educational tour to learn where your pearl necklaces originate from. Shop for your dream real pearl necklace at Amorn Phuket Pearl today.

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