Pearl Quality


Standard AMORN brand’s quality control procedure to separate the pearls quality by shinning the pearl under the light to determine the luster. If the reflection is clear without the blur, it would mean excellent luster.


Naturally, every bead of pearl has the irregular surface which affects the value of each pearl. Under AMORN brand, the criterion of surface grading is being evaluated.

With setting piece, the pearl surface is controlling for approximately 70% and more of clean surface whereas the necklace having more than 85% of clean surface.


All pearls come in many variety and shape therefore to determine the value idea of pearls, AMORN brand has uses the measurement technique by refers to the pearl’s template.


Several environment condition can influence the colour of cultured pearl. The layering structure of pearl’s nacre allows light to pass through the pearl then break up before we perceive it back to our eyes, which give the blend of optical effects.

AMORN brand have select pearl with glamorous sparking of rainbow, as the ideal pearl for AMORN brand.

Size & Matching

In term of pearl necklace, the beauty is also considered as the neat of necklace through the similarity of colour and size of each bead. This leads AMORN brand to determine in quality control on colour and size of each bead of pearl which must be similar to form a beautiful necklace with limited difference in no more than 0.3mm apart while standard in general is 0.5mm apart.

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